Workshop Vacuum Suction System

 Vacuum suction systems for the hall asssembly of glass panes for window making, glass refining,,,,,

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Vacuum suction system for workshop assembly of glass panes for
 window makers, glass processors......
•Pneumatic, electric or hydraulically operable lifting and sinking facility
•Lift cylinder such as on chain lift
•Fast aeration via Venturi injectors
•Two hand steering
•Remote control
•Rigid column-hub unit with continuous guidance
•Electric or hydraulic rotation guidance
•Electrical 220 / 380 V supply or battery driven
•Rotation / swivel facility automatic or manual
•Frames variably adjustable

Cenvenient for:

  • Glass construction
  • Facade construction
  • Window construction
  • Plant construction
  • Maschine construction
  • maintenance of equipment

Our service offer:

  • Extremely fast delivery worldwide
  • Consultation for individual solutions
  • Comprehensive solutions from delivery to installation
  • Integrated solutions
  • Special lifting solutions for extreme conditions
  • Safely packaged and delivered on time

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