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Huge choice of suction systems with up to 5000 kg capacity for flat, curved and waved elements of glass and stone and panels.

для листового стекла

Suction systems for flat glass with up to 5000 kg capacity, also for coated and steamed panes. For the most part variable to fit pane size.

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для гнутого стекла

Vacuum lifting devices for curved and wavy panes of up to 6000 kg for sale or hire.

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для продольно гнутого стекла

This systems are predominantly used for curved bannisters, curved aquarium panes in zoos, curved boundary panels in showrooms, zoos and arched bridges. The stability is provided by several bonded laminated sheets with a very flat deflection of > 4000 mm.

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для узкого и длинного стекла

These extremely long and thin panes require special suction systems. Heavydrive® offers these suction systems in a wide range of sizes and loading capacities

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для сэндвич-панелей

Due to its construction and suction plate form this panel suction system can be employed for both wall and roof panels It can be adjusted to fit the individual panel forms and profiles. By the deployment of extension arms even very long panels can also be safely and stabily transported.

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for assembly behind scaffolding

Die Geräte der Heavydrive Serie VSG KS zeichnen sich durch ihre extrem flachen Sauger mit gleichzeitig hoher Tragekapazität aus. Die flach gebauten Anlagen gibt es bisher mit einer Traglast von 450 bis 2.000 Kilo. Damit eignen sich die Anlagen besonders für den Transport und die Montage vonScheibenelementen hinter dem Fassaden-Gerüst. 

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для остекления под карнизом

Suction units with a bearing load of up to 7000 kg can be equipped with a counterweight system!

Available for rent or purchase!

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для каменными панелями

Special plates for rough surfaces such as stone slabs, plastic panels, wooden panels, wood based boards and much more up to 6000 kg.


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для тонированного стекла

Coated and vapour coated panes etc. are delicate therefore we have special non rub off suction plates for all our vacuum lifting devices ready for residue free handling. Non-marking plates leave no traces on vapour coated or mirrored panes for instance.

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для остекления зимой

Heavydrive®'s special rubber compound keeps the suction pads soft and flexible at temperatures below zero, just like snow tyres.
This way, they can be used at temperatures as low as -20°C.

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for panes up to 1000 kg

Heavydrive offers a range of vacuum suction systems. Here you can find especially such, who are able lift panes up to 1000 kg.

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for panes up to 2500 kg

Heavydrive offers a range of vacuum suction systems. Here you can find especially such, who are able lift panes up to 2500 kg.

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for panes up to 14000 kg

Heavydrive offers a range of vacuum suction systems. Here you can find especially such, who are able lift heavy panes up to 14000 kg.

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Accessories for Vacuum Suction Systems

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