для остекления зимой

Heavydrive®'s special rubber compound keeps the suction pads soft and flexible at temperatures below zero, just like snow tyres.
This way, they can be used at temperatures as low as -20°C.

Light system for window assembly up to 450 kg. Best suited to small sizes up to 1m wide and 1,20m high.
The short hanger assists assembly in window openings. Special cups for assemblys at sub-zero temperatures.

Net weight: 45 kg


Secure transport of panes between façades and frames with its low depth of 16 cm at sub-zero temperatures.
Panes can be held almost completely vertically. Extension arms make this system Adaptable to various panel sizes until 3.2m.

Net weight: 140 kg


This medium-sized heavy load suction system has a 1,500 kg capacity and can be used to securely install massive panes at sub-zero temperatures. Very narrow version.

Net weight: 240 kg


This is the power house of all the heavy load suction systems with a capacity of 2,500 kg. Its massive and rigid structure powered by remote control enables panes to be fitted in any space imaginable. Due to its adjustable suction pads the system can be adapted to fit any part up to 8 m in length and 4 m in width.

Net weight: 700 kg


Vacuum suction system for assembly at sub-zero temperatures of heavy glas panes and façade elements up to 6000 kg

Net weight: 1.800 kg


Новости и объекты

Heavydrive разрабатывает новый C-образный адаптер для монтажа под выступ

Применение новой установки во время монтажных работ для нового здания зала камерной музыки в Кронберге (Таунус, Германия)


Монтаж стеклянных панелей в Канаде при отрицательной температуре воздуха

Работы пришлись на зимний период, поэтому требовалась техника, пригодная для работы при отрицательной температуре воздуха.


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