Auxillary equipment

We offer a range of handy lifting accessories an glass assembly equipment for simpler, safer lifting.

Stair climbers

To transport loads of up to 1,000 kg over stairs, ramps and tailboards. Also for loads containing liquids such as fridges & co.

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Counterweight cranes

Mobile small crane for many different applications

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Add ons for counterweight cranes

Here you will find useful add ons for your counterweight crane

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Assembly lifts

With a maximum lift height of 7.90 m, our assembly lifts are ingenious appliances that you can move right up to the facade, as Heavydrive works with counter weights.


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Glass assembly device

The self-driving battery-powered pane setter with a capacity of 1000 kg. It's worth it, we'll calculate how much you'll save!

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Vacuum hand suction plates

Hand suction plates from Powrgrip with up to 100 kg capacity and safety red line gauge.

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Helm rails

Send us your building plans with the neccesary specifications; we takeover your planning!

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Motor chain hoists

Sale and hire of motor chain hoists with up to 1000 kg capacity and 30 m lift height.

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Lifting platforms

Scissor/ Telescopic/ Jointed telescopic/ HGV platforms... for inside and outside!!!

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Telescoptic platform

Drivable under a 5 t. load and up to 30 m lift height

Individual solutions tailored to your requirements!

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Fan articles

Brand new there are Heavydrive fan articles!

Click and take a look inside!

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News & Jobs

Glass installation in Canada at minus temperatures

The assignment was received during the winter months and the device had to withstand icy temperatures.

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