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VSG 1000 KL 14, Vacuum suction systems for the assembly of glass fins up to 1000 kg

  • Ideal for setting very long glass fins
  • Pane dimensions (LxW) L4/6 in mm 7,123 / 9,123 x 330
  • Pane dimensions (LxW) LA9 in mm 12,123 x 330
  • Pane dimensions (LxW) LA12 in mm 15,123 x 330
  • Pane dimensions (LxW) LA14 in mm 17,123 x 330
Load capacity: 1,000 kg
Net weight: 450 kg
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Glass fins—flat, narrow, very tall, glued glass plates—high rigidity makes them ideal replacements for steel, concrete or wooden supports.

Glass exceeds steel and concrete in stability! Therefore, more and more glass fins are used. Special suction systems are required for these extremely long and narrow panes.

The frame has a suction length of 4,000 to 6,000 mm and can be extended to 14 m. See for yourself!

If you have questions, please ask and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Convenient for:

  • Glass construction
  • Facade construction
  • Window construction

Our service offer:

  • fast delivery
  • Rent including an experienced operator
  • Test first, than buy
  • Delivery with a forwarding agent to collection and drop-off points close to your construction site
  • Reasonable long-term rentals
  • Equipment training
  • Accident prevention regulation
  • Mobile maintenance and repair service
  • Consultation for individual solutions
  • Comprehensive solutions from delivery to installation
  • Manufacture of special equipment to the client's request
  • Special lifting solutions for extreme conditions
  • Excellently maintained equipment
  • Planning from statics to final acceptance
  • Projects in GERMANY and ABROAD
  • Safely packaged and delivered on time

Further informations about our services...

Features :  
Suction cups: 8x T15
suction area without extension arms: 4123 x 350 mm
suction area with short extension arms: 12.123 x 330 mm
suction area with long extension arms: 17.123 x 330 mm
Tippable: 90°
Rotatable: 360°
Lockable: 90° - manual
Battery: 12 V, 3-4 days running time without recharging (recharging via 220 V plug)
Safety devices: 4 circuit vacuum system
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Rent economically: rental prices plus delivery costs (excl. VAT 19%)
Duration 1-4 Day 5-9 Day 10-19 Day 20-30 Day
per day On request On request On request On request

12/24 h delivery service on request (more Info)

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