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MRK 126.0 assembly crane with a capacity of 2.98 tonnes

This extremely versatile assembly crane with a capacity of 2.93 tonnes and a hook height of 12.66 m can be powered by electricity or diesel.

Lifting height: 12.16 m
Load: 2.98 t x 2.5 m
Size (LxWxH): 4285 x 1280.00 x 1695 mm
Net weight: 3.900 kg
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This extremely versatile assembly crane with a capacity of 2.93 tonnes and a hook height of 12.66 m is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With its caterpillar tracks, it can drive on any ground and thanks to its non-marking (non-colouring) tracks, steps in buildings are no problem either. The low ground pressure of the caterpillar tracks is also advantageous. Through various special HEAVYDRIVE heavy-load tips with up to 4.1 m reach extension, it can go under tricky eaves, behind difficult to access scaffolding and in other unfavourable places. In combination with our vacuum suction systems, you can bring almost every pane and panel, even with a porous surface, to its destination. This high-quality crane works with extreme precision and our expierienced operating personnel manoeuvre this equipment jerk-free and exact to the millimeter.

Cenvenient for:

  • Glass construction
  • Facade construction
  • Window construction
  • Plant construction
  • Maschine construction
  • maintenance of equipment

Non-marking rubber tracks, 1-fall / 2-fall / 4-fall hook block, assembly tips, overhead assembly option, radio remote control, additional 380 / 400 V electric drive (- E), heavy load tip, vacuum suction Systems up to 2500 kg, heavy load underlay plates

Our service offer:

  • rental including an experienced operator
  • Test first, buy later
  • Equipment training at long-term rental
  • Accident prevention regulation
  • Mobile maintenance and repair service
  • Reasonable long-term rentals
  • Consultation for individual solutions
  • Comprehensive solutions from delivery to installation
  • Manufacture of special equipment to the client's request
  • Patented solutions from our own production
  • Special lifting solutions for extreme conditions
  • Delivery with a forwarding agent to collection and drop-off points close to your construction site
  • Fast equipment replacement for changing construction site situations

Further informations about our services...

Lifting height incl. tip 1: 15.2 m with 2.1 m tip
Lifting height incl. tip 2: 17.2 m with 4.1 m tip
Max. working radius: 12.16 m
Rope: IWCR 8 mm x 73 m
Safety devices: Load torque limiter Boom angle and load gauge Hydraulic pressure safety valve Hook securer Self-locking engine brake Winch cut

Telescope system:  
Boom length: 3.695- 12.485 m
Telescoping speed: 8.79 m/ 25.5 s
Boom type: 5-section, hydraulic telescopic boom
Turning angle: 360° continous
Turning speed: 2,4 rev/min
Rope speed: 12.3 m/ min. (4- fall), 49.2 m/ min. (1- fall)
Supports: hydraulic

Suspension systems:  
Drive: Hydrostatic, continuously variable forward and reverse
Speed: 0- 2,8 km/ h
Climbing ability: 23 % / 45 °
Ground pressure: 0,36 kg/ cm²

Type: Yanmar 3 cylinders, water-cooled, direct injection
Performance: 15,2 KW / 2500 rev/min
Power source: diesel or electric at 380 V

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Wireless remote control for MRK 55, 86, 126 and 168. Cannot be ordered separately, only in combination with one of the compatible mini cranes

Product details

This is an assembly crane tip that is extensible up to 4 meters with 1 or 2 falls. Cannot be ordered separately, only in combination with the MRK 126 - 158.

Product details

This is an assembly tip with load hook for the MRK 86.0, 126.0 and 168.0, 0.5m long and with a capacity of 300 kg. Cannot be ordered separately, only in combination with the compatible assembly crane.

Product details

  • With 4 arms that can be added or removed instantly.
  • Pane vertical dimensions max. 4,200 x 3,300 mm
  • Pane horizontal dimensions max. 3,200 x 2,300 mm
  • Suction (L x W) in mm (base frame) 810 x 700
  • Suction (LxW) in mm with extension arms 2,200 x 1,300

Product details

Book one of our experienced device operators with your device and save time and money.

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