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HSS 100 ST Rail Stopper

Rail stopper for Helm rails with profile size 100. We would love to help you with the planning concerning our Helm Rail System, so that you can make the right selection. Please call: +49.906.1267008-0

Net weight: 1 kg
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Send us your building plans with the necesarry information: WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR PLANNING! Facade assembly on facades with overhangs and scaffolding: Please tell us: -What the load is -Facade length -Width of overhang -Assembly possibilities, on scaffoling or facade -Curved facades -Access openings Invite us for a tour round the building site!!!

Cenvenient for:

  • Glass construction
  • Facade construction
  • Window construction
  • Plant construction
  • Maschine construction
  • maintenance of equipment

Our service offer:

  • rental including an experienced operator
  • Test first, buy later
  • Equipment training by long-term rentals
  • Accident prevention regulation )
  • Mobile maintenance and repair service
  • Reasonable long-term rentals
  • Consultation for individual solutions
  • Comprehensive solutions from delivery to installation
  • Manufacture of special equipment to the client's request
  • Patented solutions from our own production
  • Special lifting solutions for extreme conditions
  • Delivery with a forwarding agent to collection and drop-off points close to your construction site
  • Fast equipment replacement for changing construction site situations

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Ceiling mounting for profile size 100 You are planning a facade assembly with our overhead rail transport system and you would like guidance or you have any questions? Please call: +49.906.1267008-0

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Connection sleeve with profile size 100. You can send us your building plans and we would love to help with the configuration of your Helm Rail Systems. Please call: +49.906.1267008-0

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Retaining element for end stopper for profile size 100/300. We are here for you if you have questions concerning the configuration of your Helm Rail System and we would love to help you. Please call: +49.906.1267008-0

Product details

Runner with a simple design for profile size 100 We will consult you, so that you won´t have any problems with the construction and ensure that your your Helm Rail System will fit and work properly. Please call: +49.906.1267008-0

Product details