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HDL S 500 up to 500 kg capacity to turn the panes 85° down to 45°

  • Double safety with full-stop wheels: Brakes in direction and position with only one lever pressure!
  • Using a mechanical hand crank, the glass pane can be turned horizontally up to 45°.
  • Min. pane dimensions in mm L 1,500 x H 1,000
  • Max. pane dimensions in mm L 2,500 x H 3,200
  • In dual mode max. in mm L 6,000 x H 3,200
Load capacity: 500 kg
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Using a mechanical hand crank, the glass pane can be turned horizontally up to 45°. The upper edge of the glass pane is thereby lowered to allow for the passage through automatic sliding doors.

In dual or tandem mode, two HDL S 500s are connected. Pivoting is performed with a mechanical crank. As a result, very large jumbo glass panes up to 6,000 mm can be safely turned and moved.

Cenvenient for:

  • Glass construction
  • Facade construction
  • Window construction
  • Plant construction
  • Maschine construction
  • maintenance of equipment

Our service offer:

  • Test first, buy later
  • Extremely fast delivery worldwide
  • Accident prevention regulation
  • Comprehensive solutions from delivery to installation
  • Manufacture of special equipment to the client's request
  • Patented solutions from our own production
  • Special lifting solutions for extreme conditions

Further informations about our services...

Material: High strength steel, rustproof chromate

Rent economically: rental prices plus delivery costs (excl. VAT 19%)
Duration 1-4 Day 5-9 Day 10-19 Day 20-30 Day 31-60 Day
per day On request On request On request On request On request

12/24 h delivery service on request (more Info)
  • for safe trannsport and setting of panes up to 2,800mm suction length
  • robust and solid construction

Product details

Very small mini caterpillar crane with a capacity of 0.995 tonnes and a hook height of 5.5 m. It can be powered electrically by high voltage or by petrol or gas. Especially suitable for assembly in narrow and crammed locations.

Product details

For curved panes, convex and concave, from 450 mm inner and outer radius, 24 plates, manually rotatable, hydraulically tippable, with remote control, 140 kg weight, suction length: 1125 mm, incl. roll truck

Product details

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