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Complete package: Assembly lift and overhead manipulator ML 79 and VSGU 450 K

  • Complete package composed of a assembly lift with 7.9 m lifting height and a overhead manipulator with 250 kg capacity
  • for mounting of quadratic panes
Lifting height: 7.90 m
Load capacity: 250 kg
Size (LxWxH): 2040 x 840.00 x 1980 mm
Net weight: 382 kg
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This package gives you the perfect assistance to be able to easily install glass panes for conservatories and other overhead windows.

With an impressive lifting height of 7.9 m, the assembly lift helps you move loads of up to 250 kg safely. One of the decisive features of this assembly lift is that the vacuum suction system can easily be moved to the front of the glass pane since Heavydrive uses counterweights.

Cenvenient for:

  • Glass construction
  • Facade construction
  • Window construction

Electric winch, 220 V drive Changeable fixture: 2 axis manipulator for overhead assembly Changeable fixture: Assembly fork Changeable fixture: Telescopic assembly boom

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