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12. Your specialist even for stone and concrete slabs - Heavydrive

11. The new Heavydrive catalogue is out now

10. When things get tight ...

9. Plan with certainty and save money

8. Polish out scratches – an alternative to replacing panes

7. Transport panes safely and quickly

6. Skydiving tunnel - a challenge in glass mounting

5. Site visits via WhatsApp: genius!

4. Delivering internationally – despite Corona

3. We can help you protect your employees from COVID-19

2. Rent devices including an on-site briefing

1. Emission-free indoor glazing with Heavydrive



9. Safe glazing installation regardless of the weather

8. Regular accident prevention testing of your devices

7. Glazing made easy - with innovative developments by Heavydrive

6. Take us with you wherever you go: with the Heavydrive App

5. Save with long term rental: up to 45% discount

4. 7-axis manipulator - the all-rounder for everyone

3. Plan ahead and save time and money!

2. BAU 2019 - Start of the construction Season

1. BAU 2019 trade fair highlight:



8. Indoor glass mounting in winter

7. Glass mounting in any weather – even sub-zero temperatures

6. Heavydrive breaks world records at glasstec

5.Visit us at the Metal Construction Conference and the BAU trade fair in Munich

4. Assembly Solutions Even for Extreme Situations!

3. No limits to your creativity

2. No building freeze - Assembly solutions especially for bad weather

1. Think about UVV-testing for accident prevention now!



9. Glazing in winter indoor - emission free!

8. Safe glazing installation regardless of the weather – even in sub-zero temperatures

7. Heavydrive's WhatsApp Service

6. Heavydrive supports you even while you´re on holidays!

5. Become crane expert with Heavydrive

4. Heavydrive on GANA Conference

3. Heavydrive - the specialist for heavy panes

2. Bau 2017: Highlights of the Munich Fair

1. A happy New Year 2017!



11. Merry Christmas!

10. Invitation to BAU 2017

9. Glass fins - we offer the perfect mounting solutions

8. Heavydrive sets its sights on heavy loads

7. Powerful devices for the anniversary!

6. We invite you to the big anniversary presentation at Heavydrive

5. Heavydrive's new website:

4. Save the Date: Heavydrive's anniversary presentation in July 2016!

3. Heavydrive now on 18,000 sqm!

2. Celebrate our anniversary and save 5%!

1. Glazing even in sub-zero temperatures



9. Be smart and invest now!

8. Operate your rental Heavydrive crane yourself!

7. Our large rental park - cranes for all situations!

6. Our solutions for overhead pane installation!

5. Heavydrive equipment is reliable due to continual service and maintenance!

4. Highlights of superlatives at Heavydrive- Impressions from the in-house fair!

3. Heavydrive in-house fair on June 20 with live demonstration of the new counterweight traverse!

2. Thank you for visiting us at the BAU 2015 trade fair in Munich!

1. Visit us at BAU 2015 in Munich Hall C2/124!


14. Glazing even in sub-zero temperatures - no problem with the Heavydrive suction pads!

13. Thank you for visiting us at GLASSTEC 2014!

12. Visit us at Glasstec 2014 in Duesseldorf Hall 11/A 43!

11. NEW: HDL "Air" - even safer transport of heavy panes due to pneumatic tyres

10. Heavydrive`s full power concentrated in one place!

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