Heavydrive sets glass panes weighing 200 kilos overhead

A new, modern culture and office complex is opening in Bielsko-Biala in Poland. The 200 kilogram façade elements, which had to be set overhead on the spherical section of the building, were installed by the Heavydrive 7-axis manipulator.


The Heavydrive VSG STU 400 KMH was used in combination with the Manitou MRT 2540 telescopic forklift truck. A single operator was able to move the Heavydrive manipulator in seven axes via radio remote control. And so the glass panes, measuring 2,000-2,300 millimetres wide and 1,000-1,600 millimetres high, were installed in the bottom section of the spherical structure without a hitch. The façade elements had to be set in the overhang inclined horizontally and vertically. The installation was completed on schedule within ten days.


The Cavatina Hall in Dworkowa Street in Bielsko-Biała consists of two buildings covering 11,420 square metres of space. The multifunctional complex combines work and cultural activities. Modern offices are available on just under 9,000 square meters of space in the staircase building. The spherical dome section of the building is used as a concert and culture hall. The Cavatina Hall, with its differently shaped and sized façade elements, changes its appearance depending on how the light falls.

Heavydrive 7-axis manipulator in action at the Cavatina Hall in Bielsko-Biala (Poland)
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