Heavydrive installs 400kg stone slabs under a pitched roof

Stone slabs being fitted with the Heavydrive MRK 86.0 and 3-
axle overhead manipulator
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Heavydrive’s lifting devices don’t just assemble glass panes, they can also be used to transport and install stone slabs, wooden panels and metal plates. The southern German company proved this in a project in Eichberg in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen where they clad the living room of a villa with 400kg stone slabs. The uneven structure of the natural stone and positioning of the slabs right under the pitched roof made this a challenging project.


To make sure the project went off without a hitch, the manager at the Swiss Heavydrive branch visited the construction site first to get a clear idea. The MRK 86.0 mini crawler crane with a 3-axle overhead manipulator was chosen as the optimal solution for the tricky assembly of the stone slabs. The crane has a lifting capacity of up to 2,800kg, and its non-marking tracks and hybrid operation make the MRK perfect for indoor assembly.


Heavydrive also designed a special fixture for the crane’s overhead manipulator so that the heavy stone slabs could be picked up safely. The heavy-load assembly jig with a lifting height of up to 11m accurately guided the slabs under the pitched roof into the designated position. A professional Heavydrive employee operated the crane. Within two weeks, all of the stone slabs were in place.


As well as a large range of standard suction devices and cranes, Heavydrive also develops custom assembly solutions for customers. Devices can be adapted to specific situations in no time at the company’s workshop.

Swiss customers can contact the experts directly for advice in Heavydrive’s Swiss branch in Urtenen-Schönbühl. The on-site fleet of machinery guarantees reliable and fast delivery of systems within Switzerland. During the coronavirus pandemic the Heavydrive team still managed to transport devices from the Swiss warehouse without delay, guaranteeing smooth running in spite of border closings and restrictions for international goods traffic.

Stone slabs being fitted with the Heavydrive MRK 86.0 and 3-axle overhead manipulator
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