Installation of curved XXL panes in Bucharest

Heavydrive assignment at the Victoriei Office Building in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. The Tapfheim-based company installed 113 cylindrically and spherically curved panes weighing 1.2 tonnes.

For this task, the Heavydrive MRK 158 assembly crane and the VSGU 1200 KR SP suction system were used. The vacuum suction system has a capacity of 1.5 tonnes and has been specifically designed for concave and convex curved panes. The VSGU 1200 KR SP consists of various components which can be combined as required. This makes it possible to adapt the system or assemble or disassemble it within minutes. Using the Heavydrive manipulator, installing glass elements overhead is no problem at all. The suction system can be controlled hydraulically by radio remote control and features a safe dual-circuit warning system.

For the challenging Bucharest job, an experienced Heavydrive operator was flown in. You can book this additional Heavydrive service to make installation even more efficient.

The Heavydrive MRK 158 assembly crane and the VSGU 1200 KR SP suction system were used
Picture: Heavydrive

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