Flight Chamber Assembly in the Jochen Schweizer Arena

MRK 86.0 assembly crane and VSG 1000 KR
vacuum suction system used to fit the flight chamber
Image: Heavydrive


If you‘ve ever dreamt of flying, indoor skydiving could be the thing for you! In a vertical wind tunnel known as a flight chamber, you can experience the thrill of freefall – just like in real skydiving.

Heavydrive was recently on site at one of these high-tech indoor skydiving facilities in the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Taufkirchen near Munich. The reason for the visit was a project that had come about a joint venture between the Jochen Schweizer Group and Airbus. For Heavydrive this was the 8th flight chamber where their equipment and skilled operators were used. 



The flight chamber was built in three phases:

  1. Installing the substructure

    In this step, steel beams measuring 5.7 m in length and weighing 500 kg had to be hoisted up into the room. Owing to the low ceiling load bearing capacity and the limited space available, our electric powered MRK 86.0 assembly crane featuring a heavy load tip was used.


  2. Installing the wind tunnel glazing itself

    For the heart of the chamber six curved panes, each measuring 5.5 m in height and around 1.8 m in width and weighing some 860 kg, were installed inside the arena. The tight space and low ceiling load bearing capacity were just about enough for our MRK 86.0 assembly crane, and with the help of the VSG 1000 KR vacuum suction system, the skilled crane operator from Heavydrive was able to fit the ceiling-high panes without any problems.

  3. Access tunnel glazing

    The final step was to fit the glazing for the access tunnel to the flight chamber. Here, our MRK 86.0 mini-crane was the perfect choice for the confined space inside the room, while the VSG 450 K vacuum suction system was used to assemble the panes..

The assembly work was done by an experienced Heavydrive crane operator.

Jochen Schweizer was there in person to see Heavydrive’s unique crane and suction systems in action.

The VSG 1000 KR vacuum suction system hoisting a curved pane for the wind tunnel
Image: Heavydrive

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