Quick and easy delivery solutions

Managing Director Günter Übelacker: "With the help of ingenious technology and a large number of equipment, HEAVYDRIVE tackles any impossible assembly problem. We plan each glass assembly using the important key data you provide us with. This enables us to guarantee you a carefree package that saves you both time and money.


You also save time and money with our recommended delivery service. Equipment for rental and sale can be delivered to your building site all over Germany within 12 hours and worldwide in most cases even within 24 hours.


We offer you tailor-made delivery solutions for....

… Rent or purchase our special equipment:

As soon as you purchase or rent useful HEAVYDRIVE equipment, may it be glass assembly equipment, an asssembly crane, a vacuum suction system or anything else, there is no need to worry because HEAVYDRIVE takes care of the complete logistics starting at customs duty to delivery to your building site..

… Equipment for rent incl. training your staff:

You require our special equipment more often or over a longer period of time?

We are happy to give you or your staff instructions regarding the operation of your special equipment, enabling you to use it flexibly and to suit your own requirements.

… Complete package, incl. HEAVYDRIVE operating staff:

We are your specialist for tricky building site problems and since these problems are new and different each time, we offer you a comprehensive range of special equipment. For maximum efficiency when using these machines, we recommend our experienced operators. You will have a complete solution and don't need to worry about anything else.

Benefit from our extensive advice and our "customized" solutions for rent and purchase.


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