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Open APP & if you like "add to start screen" - no installation required!

Open APP on your Smartphone 

So works „add to start screen"


Benefit from the latest "Progessive Web-APP" technology

NO TROUBLESOME INSTALLATION via APP-Store, open RISK-FREE App and if you don't like it, no deleting necessary, NO SAVE LOAD, NO UPDATES, ....

Advantages of the app at a glance

  • Access the 300-page Heavydrive catalogue digitally at any time
  • Use the Heavydrive device finder with just one click
  • Display relevant products using the device finder instead of arduously browsing through the catalogue
  • Contact us more quickly
  • Create watchlists and query lists specific to your construction site or project
  • Save your watchlists and query lists to your account
  • It’s even easier to send us photos or videos of your issue via WhatsApp
  • And many more


The Heavydrive app operates as a ‘progressive web app’. You can install and use it on your smartphone like any other app. The web app works like a native app, but it isn't downloaded from an App Store (Apple or Android) and there will be no annoying updates (so it’s virus-free!).

Just click on the link below or scan the QR code to go to the app. The app will open in your browser and can then be saved to your home screen. Then the app symbol will appear on your phone.


Or scan the QR code using your camera if you have an iPhone, or with a QR code reader app on an Android device. There are a number of free QR code scanners in the Android App Shop..

Android Installation

To install the Heavydrive app on an Android device, open in your browser (for example Chrome). Then:


1) Click on the Menu button in your browser.

2) Select ‘Add to Start Screen’. (The wording may differ according to your Android version.)

3) Confirm by clicking ‘Add’.

iOS Installation

To install the Heavydrive app on an iOS device, open in your browser (for example Safari). Then:


1) Click on the ‘Share’ symbol.

2) Select ‘To Home Screen’. (The wording may differ according to your iOS version.)

3) Confirm by clicking ‘Add’.

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