Our Services

Heavydrive® has secured a foothold in this sector for many years thanks to its customised installation and transport solutions for any construction site situation anywhere in the world. The main reason for this is not only our large rental park but also the numerous services we offer to our clients tailored especially to their needs:

  • Extremely fast delivery worldwide
    We deliver our products directly to your construction site within 12 hours in Germany and within 24 hours worldwide. Optionally, we offer to provide you with instructions for the use of the equipment, training or an experienced operator who will assist you in an uncomplicated installation....more
  • Delivery with a forwarding agent to collection and drop-off points close to your construction site
    Especially on very large construction sites it is often difficult for the forwarding agent to give the product to the right contact person. In turn, it also costs you a lot of time and money to search for the delivery all over the construction site. Therefore we deliver the equipment to collection and drop-off points close to your construction site. This way, you can be guaranteed to be able to use your equipment for the whole time you rented it.
  • Rent including an experienced operator
    Not only for complex machines such as cranes it can make sense to get an experienced operator to save you time and money....more
  • Test first, buy later
    Often it is hard to decide whether one special piece of equipment is right for your intended use. Buy without risk. Read here how it works.
  • Equipment training
    When you rent equipment over a longer period of time or if you buy equipment, it is not only vital to know how to operate it but also that you know how to use its full potential. This is why this is included in our delivery service as a standard....more

  • Accident prevention regulation
    We are happy to help you with the regular renewal of the accident prevention regulation for the equipment you bought from us. ... please contact us.
  • Mobile maintenance and repair service
    Of course, we are happy to come to you or your instruction site directly to do maintenance and repairs on the equipment you bought. Please contact us if you require this.
  • Reasonable long-term rentals
    Our special equipment is partially very expensive to purchase. That is why often it is beneficial to you to think about long-term rentals...please contact us.

  • Consultation for individual solutions
    We help you to find the best equipment for your intended use. You can save costs by saving time: less personnel shortages due to ideal safety conditions with the suitable equipment... please contact us.
  • Comprehensive solutions from delivery to installation
    Heavydrive® offers you installation concepts, which are exactly tailored to your needs. We are happy to find the ideal solution for your individual construction site and provide you with a quote. Additionally, in close cooperation with our partner companies, we can provide you with specialists and the right installation personnel for guying, point-supported systems, post-and-beam constructions, heavy steel construction, sub-construction, floating façades, heavy glazing of up to several tonnes per pane, planar glazing...please contact us.
  • Integrated solutions
    Our overhead manipulators, for example, can be connected to any equipment or crane with the right adapter. This way, you can use your own vehicle park and at the same time rent the required components so you stay flexible and save time and money... please contact us.
  • Manufacture of special equipment to the client's request
    We develop in practice for use in practice: We develop different equipment for glass installation under the motto "nothing is impossible, time is money!" and modify products available on the market for our projects "nothing is good enough for us." From smaller, manually-operated individual systems to concepts involving tonnes of capacities, you will always find the perfect solution with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us – we look forward to your request!
  • Patented solutions from our own production
    We provide you with the original: The patented glass transport wagon with an extra low centre of gravity for more tilt stability and low clearance height.
  • Special lifting solutions for extreme conditions
    These include glazing through scaffoldings, under eaves, from the inside to the outside but also in sub-zero temperatures, with steamy/coated panes; no matter what the problem is, we will find a solution... please contact us. We have gathered knowledge and experience with large projects we did worldwide...more
  • Fast equipment replacement for changing construction site situations
    On the construction site, not everything can be planned and predicted, for example the weather. It becomes increasingly difficult when there are many machines at the same time which get in each other's way. No matter what, we have a large rental park and can react quickly to your needs and ship from stock. With our delivery service of 12 or 24 hours, we can deliver or replace equipment over night. Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know what you need.
  • Excellently maintained equipment
    In our headquarters, we have a professional service for machinery as well as own wash facilities for both small and large-scale equipment.
    Here, our experts perform maintenance and repair work on company-own and external equipment and guarantee 100% machine operation. A dedicated test area enables employees to check the equipment's vacuum power and adjust the vacuum suction systems for each construction site situation accordingly.

  • Planning from statics to final acceptance
    Leasing allows us to continually improve our equipment and continuously develop new customer-oriented site solutions such as glass transport wagons, crane boom tips, overhead manipulators etc.
    We plan everything for you, from statics to final acceptance. The expertise we have gained in manufacturing machinery and systems allows us to respond to customer requirements reliably and competently.
  • Projects in GERMANY and ABROAD
    We handle the complete planning and implementation of concepts for you, static-dynamic FEM calculations, development, manufacturing, full installation to delivery and final acceptance at the site.
  • Safely packaged and delivered on time
    Expert packing of your vacuum suction system in accordance with the IPPC standard Ordered today – delivered to the construction site tomorrow. Based on this maxim, we ship glass fitting equipment from our headquarters to customers all over the world. This unique service is made possible by a combination of competent and experienced staff and sophisticated logistics. At the same time, the highly modern packaging and shipping system ensures that the equipment arrives at the destination safe and undamaged. For our equipment we have customized aluminium transportation boxes for a permanently secure transport/storage.
  • Crane training with a certified expert in our training rooms or on your site
    At large, public construction sites, you are asked to show official equipment operating and driving licenses.
    We provide you with intensive training and instructions for the respective equipment. You will receive official documentation such as crane operating licenses for different cranes in accordance with the latest DIN requirements and other operating licenses such as for hydraulic ramps, etc. Use our know-how.
  • 24/7 hotline:  "main office – 01"
    We are always at your service. You can reach us 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. We have customers all over the world who use our equipment. We can be reached in different time zones and on different weekly schedules. In Arab countries, Sunday is a normal workday.
    Airfreight traffic is usually done on weekends or overnight. Be active with us.
  • Special site logistics service
    All over the world, we plan and organize your assembly projects at maximum cost savings. The "HEAVYDRIVE ONE-MAN-SHOW" makes everything possible shorthand. With the use of highly efficient technology in a clear time frame, costs are massively reduced.
  • Just-in-time logistics
    With an assembly concept, we create a machine package to start your assembly projects quickly and efficiently and to finish it securely within a short time.
  • Efficiency and safety PLUS
    Our damage statistics of the last few years has been 0.001 % of turnover. In 65 % of the jobs, customers rent our crane and equipment operators, which clearly speaks for itself.
  • Your partner for the future
    Under the motto "nothing is impossible!" Heavydrive is usually a few steps ahead. International façade building companies, architects and designers come to Heavydrive to ask for consultation for their projects. Almost daily, we get requests for international large-scale projects in our technology and calculation department. All interested parties find their partner for the future in Heavydrive. Only challenges challenge us and drive us forward.